Are you a (non-Danish) Nordic customer?

Welcome to our Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, Icelandic, Greenlandic and Faroese costumers!

Even though we are based in Denmark, we in Lotus Belle Nordic serve the whole Nordic region, including the West Nordic countries (Greenland and The Faroe Islands). In other words, if you are located in this region, and are interested in our tents, you have come to the rigth place!

We are currently working on a Nordic version of the website - please excuse us, that it is only available in Danish at the moment. We expect our Nordic website to be launched during next winter.

Until then, if you don't read Danish, we recommend you to use google translate on our website. Of course you are also welcome to call or write us regarding anything (i.e.  product specs, prices, delivery times etc.). We do speak English as well as Danish and will do our best to serve you :)

Kontakt os

Kontakt os endelig, hvis du har forespørgsler om teltene, fremvisninger, bestillingsvarer, mængderabat, osv. :)

Lotus Belle telte® er et registreret varemærke. Teltenes design er patenteret og beskyttet af EU's-designrettigheder. I Norden forhandles teltene udelukkende via

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